Selection Tool

Select one or multiple air tools you need to run..

Air Shears
 Air shears
Ratchets/Impact Wrenches 
 Impact Wrench - 1/2"
 Impact Wrench - 3/4"
 Ratchet - 1/4"
 Ratchet - 3/8"
 Butterfly Impact
 High Speed Grinder 5"
 Angle Disc Grinder
 Dual Action Sander
 Orbital Jitterbug Sander
 Straight Line Sander
 Die Grinder
 Brad Nailer
 Finish Nailer
 Framing Nailer
 Air Drill 1/8" Drill/Screwdriver
 Air Drill 1/2"
 Air Drill 3/8"
 Air Hammer (light duty)
 Air Hammer (medium duty)
 Air Hammer (heavy duty)
 Chisel/Air Hammer
 Sand Blaster (3 gallon)
Spray Guns
 Spray Gun (commercial)
 Spray Gun (HVLP)
 Air Brush
Cut-Off Tools
 Cut-Off Tool
Grease/caulking/air gun
 Grease/caulking Gun
 Air/blow Gun

This selector uses information based on average CFM's and is designed to be used only as a general guide. When available, you should always check the CFM rating of your specific air tools from the manufacturer first.

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